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by Peter & Trixi

Peter & Trixi Thiele
Maine Coons & Collie
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on the following pages we want to do not only us but also our favorites the Maine Coon's and our collie dog Charlin. The Maine Coon's are an impressive breed of their origins in America, and one of the largest cat breeds. The Maine Coon 's generally described as Nature boy, power and health. But over time has shown that these Maine Coon with many hereditary diseases to fight.

Under the link we want & News about the many diseases in which the Maine Coon may inform and educate. For now, we are personally twice by one of these diseases, but more about that later.

So now back to us. As some of you now know, we have been married or in other words we are now one and no more. Also else has changed a lot now, but that tells you everything on the following pages.

Even with our Caressing cats much has changed. Actually, there are no Caressing cats but Satan roast, but we do not want to miss. Especially since it was always laughing, and if we are honest, the Humor should not be left behind. Only our Charlin makes us a little grief, but it is already 14 years old and there are as we miss a few Wehwehchen.

So now, but enough of the introduction and go with the details. Just follow the button and check out our homepage.

Of course we are, as always in your statements and suggestions interested. So writes simply in our guest book, which its top.

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