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Around care and nutrition

Here are a few suggestions for the care and feeding of Maine Coon's.

Interesting about the origin of the Maine Coon can be found at the link www.maine-coon.org .

Since the Maine Coon quite a long coat, and this must be combed. But be careful not every cat, the good, it is at least for us. Because Duke is the whim comb, but our only Odin took the ridge to see and he was already on the run and when it got there but then there are sometimes one or the other scratches. In terms of skin care, it's like for the people, the one on the other dry and greasy fur again, but there are remedies. Because the cats should be greasy coat and safflower to feed into and after some time, the problem is less. But here it depends on the cat, because any change in the feed to remember and it may happen that they are the fodder. Since then only helps powdering and comb.

When you feed these cats are also very choosy. One may be the others, but you should already be in dry feed on the Maine Coon feed back effect. While it is a bit more expensive than the normal feed but it is tuned to the race. We use Royal Canin and have had no problems since the feed is slightly larger and therefore ideal for these big cats is suitable.

When wet, it is fodder for your cat. Our only eat pie because they are probably too lazy to chew. We have really tried everything but either they are not rangegangen or they have licked from the sauce and the rest are left, so we remain in pate. The wet feed of Whiskas have our loved ones are not tolerated and diarrhea.

So you can see how much you should try and your loved ones can decide what they want and what not.
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