In memory of our loved ones
The Rainbow Bridge

 A bridge connects heaven and earth. Because of the many colors they are called
"bridge of the rainbow".

On this side of the rainbow is a land of meadows, hills and lush, green grass.
When a beloved animal on earth forever asleep, go to this beautiful place.
There is always to eat, drink and it's warm - it is beautiful spring weather.

The old and sick animals are young again and healthy. They play the all day.
There is only one, what they miss: You are not their people together, which
they loved on earth. To race and they play every day together until one day
suddenly a stand still and provides: sniffs the nose, ears and are adapting
to the eyes are really big!

Suddenly, it runs from the group and flies out formally on the green lawn.
The bear paws are always faster and faster. It has seen you! And if you
and your special friend meet, you take him in your arms and hold him.
Your face is kissed again and again, and you look in the eyes of your
beloved animal, as long as in your life had disappeared, but never
from your heart. Then your jointly exceed the bridge of the rainbow,
never again to be separated.
Maine Coon Kater Odin
In Memory
You lived, you have done to you the disease, the force. How painful was it, before you
stand helplessly watching the suffering. The fate continued hard for you, now you're
gone to eternal rest. He replaces all of you are pain, but you continue to live in our
Maine Coon Kater Charly
In Memory
Still, are quiet, there is an angel on the trip. He wanted just for you,
why he went, God alone knows, do not forget, he was so small.

A glimpse of him only remains, in my heart a great piece.
He will now always with you, do not forget, he was so small.

Is now a mild wind day, thinks so, it was his wing stroke.
And when you ask where he might be? An angel, he is never alone!

He can now see all colors, paws through the clouds go and if you missed it,
and so crying, because he is not for you, then think, in heaven, where it is now,
he says proudly:

I will be loved!