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This page, we want to use, breeders and cat lovers of the diseases in which the Maine Coon to occur.

Now that we are personally the second time by a sick Maine Coon are affected and one in the age of 5 years and the other at the age of 4 have lost or had to redeem, we see it as our duty to other cat holder of the many diseases .

For each cat breeders and cat lovers, it is terrible if you have a loved animal loses obtained. This makes it worse is if you lose an animal which is currently in the prime of his life. We all know that eventually the time comes that a loved animal obtained from us, and no matter when this happens it is always very difficult. But if the cat has lived her life and a proud age of 12 years and more, we know the time has come.

But if a cat loses just 4 or 5 years old and you have so long wanted to stay together, it is hard to understand. Especially since then if the cat still dies of a disease that is already in Kitten age would prevent or prevent. Therefore, I can only every few buyers, whether breeder or lovers to advise on the purchase of an animal to tests and vaccinations to exist. Because nobody wants to buy a sick cats, right?

Certainly many breeders are now saying we can not test everything, the tests are expensive, cumbersome, and not 100% time, but if the breeder test their breeding cats and vaccinated their stock and thereby clean, they can assume no diseases to be the kittens and then to turn all good. It will not eradicate the disease, but in any case strongly and this should reduce the goal of every cat's owner. Especially since many of the highly contagious disease.

Which diseases are currently known?

HC MHC M  (Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy)

FeLVFeLV  (Feline leukemia virus, cats leucosis)

PKDPKD  (Polycystic Kidney Disease)

FIVFIV  (Feline immunodeficiency virus, cats AIDS)

FIPFIP  (Feline infectious peritonitis)


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