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Hello again,

we Trixi & Peter Thiele want you again on our home welcome. On the following pages, you will not only us but also about our dog Charlin, our Maine Coon cat Odin & Duke, as well as the Maine Coon Lady Kimmy to be kept. In addition, we will you our experience in terms of feed, care and should perhaps look for what is.

But only time to us. As previously pointed out to us in recent times done a lot, but unfortunately, we do not informed earlier. One reason was that we had little time, but also health, it is for me quite gone downhill and then me and also lacked the motivation to the new homepage giving you our full attention. But one thing is certain, I will be now at least 2 to 3 times a year, and you ran to keep. So now, but enough with the preface.

As some of you already know we have on 06.08.2005 at 13.00 clock the word Yes. While it was previously all been quite stressful to organise, but then it all went well and our guests has fallen, which we turn to the bill have noticed. But what is' yes-man married only once, or at least should be, but not everyone in the same place to cut his dream partner. Some pictures from the wedding you can below the button at wedding. But not only our wedding but also pictures of our holidays you can find under the holiday button. In addition, we follow the wishes of some members and are also plenty of these pictures public.


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